Our Director

Cathy Johnson

Blessed with a lively personality and sense of fun, ShowTime Singers Director Cathy Johnson was born singing and swinging. We know this to be true since she joined her first chorus in 1966, yet claims to have celebrated only 39 birthdays. Her mother confirmed Cathy’s precocious musical expertise. She used to say, “Cathy was doing the Hand Jive in her cradle.”

Cathy Johnson‚ÄčAs director of ShowTime Singers since its inception in 2003, Cathy brings a wide range of skills to the show chorus. She has studied voice for several decades and been a vocal coach/teacher for men and women. She has studied with many experts in choral music and has worked for many years with the Sweet Adelines International (a cappella choral groups) as a lead singer, section leader, and Associate Director of an internationally award winning local chorus. She was a participant in the Sweet Adelines International Director Certification Program, teacher and participant in music schools and seminars, and served as a Regional Music Staff member where she taught classes in vocal production, directing skills and voice placement. She has coached 12 local choruses and more than 30 quartets. Currently, she gives voice lessons focusing on skills including singing posture, breathing for singing, fluid pitch production, accurate interval singing, and general vocal production.

Cathy was the lead singer in JOINT VENTURE QUARTET which recently retired after over 25 years entertaining over 500 audiences in the Mid-Atlantic region. She has been honored to be chosen as a judge of the Maryland Senior Idol contest.

With certification and training in education, Cathy uses her teaching and interpersonal skills to best advantage with ShowTime Singers.

Observes ShowTime Singer Roxanne Powell, “Cathy’s direction is so clear and upbeat. You always know just exactly how she wants a number to swing. And you wouldn’t dare get it wrong — she’s got a world-class pout.”