Help for Members

Use this page if you have having trouble registering, logging in or using the web site

This page is just for members of the Show Time Singers. If you found your way here and you are not a member, you can ignore this page – unless you want to become a member.

Here is a step by step guide to setting up access and use of the Member Menu.


The first thing you must do to access the member’s portion of this web site is to register. Click on the Member Access button on the front page or the Member Access link in the text menu at the top of the page to start the process. At first the only choices you will see are to Proceed to the Member Menu if you are already logged in, to Register, to get Help, to Log in, and to set up a new password.

When you fill it out the form and Submit the information, it goes to the webmaster to verify that you are not a spammer. We also put you through a quick visual quiz to prove you are a real person, not a software robot. Without it, we would get a hundred or more fake registrations every day. You are asked to create a password that you will use each time you visit the site to log in. Try to pick a password you can remember, but if you forget it, you can send for a link to create a new one. Longer words and phrases make better passwords than short random characters, and you can remember them more easily. After you submit the registration, you will shortly get a reply when your account has been approved and you can log in.

You only need to Register once!

You only need to Register once!


After your registration has been approved, you can log in with your selected username or email address along with your password. You need to do that every session, unless you are already logged in.

… but you log in every time!

… but you log in every time!

Member Menu

Once you have logged in after registering, you will see more choices on the Member Menu. You will see information on Dues, Dress Code, coming concerts, a link to practice tracks, and so on. You can explore most of these, but there is another step before you can sign up for the concerts you plan to participate in.


Click on the Contact Info button or menu link and complete the form and Submit it. Once you have done this, you will receive email with a special link to get to the Event Signup page. Keep this email or bookmark the link, because you will need to use it every time you add to or change your information. If you lose it, there is a link at the bottom of the Contact Info page to have this special link emailed to you again.


This page, reachable only by using the special link we emailed you, lets you indicate which events you plan to participate in. When you use the email, you must be logged in already on the same device and using the default browser that the email link loads.

If you lose the email link, it is easy to have a new one emailed to you. Visit the Event Signup page and follow instructions.

Directors and planners need this information to be available shortly before every concert. Revisit the page whenever you need to. You will see the results in the Singers at Events page, which will give you a link to each coming concert to see who is participating. It shows who has said Yes, who has said No, who is undecided, and who hasn’t responded at all yet.

There is an alternative method to sign up for an event, which you can use if you have trouble using the special link. You can fill out your preferences, one show at at time on the added menu on the Event Signup page. This form sends a message tot he Webmaster to fill in the information for you. Unlike the primary method, it does not register until the webmaster posts it.

Use the event signup link whenever you need to.

Use the event signup link whenever you need to.


Lots of members can get around the web site without much trouble once they are familiar with it, but some will have problems.

Were you able to Register successfully? Did you submit the registration form and get email back approving your membership? If not, perhaps you did not type your email address correctly. Or perhaps you did not solve the visual photo quiz. If either of these fits, try again. Or write to for help. See below.

Can you log in all right after registering? When you try to log in and enter your username or email address and password, does it open up more menu choices for you? If not, the login is not working properly. Ask yourself if you are sure you entered your email address or username and password correctly as you originally entered them. If it seems to be a password problem, you can use the link to send for a new password setup. But if you are sure you are doing everything correctly, but the login isn’t working, reboot your computer and try again. This fixes lots of problems.

Can you log in and reach the Member Menu, but not the Event Signup? Did you complete the Contact Info page, and receive the special link in email? If not, try completing the Contact Info again and submitting it. Or if you did receive the link, but it does not work, make sure you logged in first. If you received the link, are sure you are logged in, and it doesn’t work, try rebooting (shutting down your device and reloading) and log in again afterwards.

Does the special link we emailed to you fail? If you are logged in and try the emailed link, and it does not take you to the page to register for events, here is what to do. Close your browser completely or turn off your computer or device and turn it on again. Then go to the website again, log in, and then try the emailed link. Make sure you are using the same browser to log in that your email opens when you click on a link. If you log in with the Chrome browser and email links open the Edge browser instead, it will  not work.

Still Have Problems?

WARNING, this is geek stuff! Some other things to try are to make sure you are not using too aggressive anti-virus software or ad blockers or an anonymizer or have set your computer or device to not accept cookies. If you do not know what this tech stuff means, it is probably not the problem.

If problems continue and a reboot does not solve it, consider changing your browser. If you have more than one browser, use Firefox or Chrome or Edge or MSIE or Opera or Safari instead of the one you tried first.

Or change devices if you have more than one phone or computer or tablet to use. If you seem to have a poor or very slow connection, try again later. Maybe the problem is elsewhere.

If all else fails. Write to and explain what you were able to do, and what did not work. Did you register all right and receive approval email? Were you able to log in and reach member menus after registering? Were you able to complete the Contact Info page and get the special link by email? Did ypu get the special link by email, but the link fails? What type of device are you using: Mac or Windows PC, tablet (what kind), phone (what kind)?